Getting started

Integrating locize into your website / application takes four steps. If you still got questions after reading the getting started guide - don't hesitate to contact us.

Step 1) SignUp and create a project

Head over to our app and register. Create your first project by clicking the (+) icon on the dashboard or opening after login.

Step 2) Decide for a i18n instrumentation

For static websites, smaller webapplications we recommend using our oneliner script locizify. It's the simplest way to get started and needs just a small change of your code:

For bigger projects or existing projects you like to migrate over to locize you can use:

Step 3) Add new / existing segments

You can add new segments or complete files using the webinterface or the commandline tool.

Using locizify or i18next you can enable the saveMissing option - doing so new segments will automatically added to your project.

Using other i18n frameworks you can use the API to do so.

Step 4) Translate your content

Start translating your content using our Interface or use one of our integrated 3rd party service to order them.

Have questions? Contact us!