Bridging the gap between translation and development.


We at locize help you to solve your localization and translation process, decreasing development time and cost.

Building a multinational business can be challenging. Locize gets you translated and keeps you focused on your product.

Integrated online translation services

Having some bottleneck or want to completely outsource the translation. Get the translations done by one of our partners. The best offer is just one click away.

Transparent and fair pricing

Our pricing model is variable. We prefer to have the pricing to grow with your success. Don't pay to much just by scratching the border of the next bigger plan.

Zero risk

Not only do you get a 14d free trial. On top of it you take no risks. If you're unhappy with our service you can take your translations with you and use them without any changes using the i18next framework.

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PRICING - 14d free trial

We prefer a transparent pricing model - you pay based on your usage:

Monthly Subscription $5
Per Word stored $0.008
Per Download to your application $0.0002
prices excl. VAT | billed on a recurring monthly basis


Average App

Words 2,000
Sessions 40,000
Estimate $29

Ecommerce Website

Words 6,000
Sessions 160,000
Estimate $85

High Volume, Opensource or Charity project?

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