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CAT Free
Pricing Free

MateCat is a free and open source translation tool. Companies, translation agencies, freelance translators and any other users can use it for free with no limitations on the number of projects and users.

You can directly export your namespaces to matecat from the namespace menu.

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HTS Workflow Price Levels+ Favorite Translators
Pricing $0.066 - $0.132 (per Word)

TextMaster’s translation services are ideal for a variety of projects: simple web content, high volume product catalogs or complex documents.

We offer general translation services as well as more specialized translation, including financial, technical, and legal. For complex projects, our account management services are the best way to take the work off your hands.

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HTS Price Levels
Pricing $0.06 - $0.12 (per Word)

Want to translate thousands of product descriptions? Publish user reviews in multiple languages? Or grow your revenue and conversion rates? With Gengo, you can do all this and more.

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HTS Price Levels My Team
Pricing $0.079 - $0.139 (per Word)

One Hour Translation provides professional, fast and affordable human translation services, available 24/7.

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