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Bridging the gap between translation and development with locize, a modern and affordable localization-management-platform. It makes your website, app, game or whatever your project is, global, vibrant, and more engaging especially when unleashing the continuous localization capabilities.

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The translation management system created by the creators of i18next. Designed for every type of i18n framework.

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Grow global – get locized

You're in need of a localization management platform that keeps up with your vibrant business environment?

Does your current process break your agile development or continuous deployment process?

Find out what locize can offer to make your localization experience a success story.

locize integration

Time saving over 60%

Adding one line of code to your website is all needed to get started. All your content gets extracted and sent to your locize project ready to be translated.

Every change to your translations gets instantly reflected on your website and vice versa.

Never again copy/paste translations from a to b.

locize statistics

Continuous Localization Lifecycle

locize enables you to separate your development and translation process. Keep translating while your development team adds new features to your project.

Update translations anytime, anywhere. No longer depend on your development team adding the new translation files to the codebase.

Keep track of newly added segments. Never lose the overview over your translation progress.

locize in-context editor

Context Matters — InContext Editing

Doing proper translations needs more information by providing the context. The best context is always the place where the content is used – your website!

Our incontext editor enables you to directly update your translations from within your website.

Every text segment is one click away! Stop loosing time searching...

locize translation editor

Translation Management

You can translate your content using our powerful editor.

Invite your inhouse translators giving them the rights for the languages needed.

Got a language not covered? Need extra help or prefer to completely outsource the job? Choose one of our translation service partners.

We suggest to use localistars. With localistars you're in direct contact with the translator, no middleman – it's your project, you hold the reins. You choose the translator for your projects yourself, it's your contractor.
Check out how the locize integrates localistars.

locize translation memory

The smart translation memory

With our translation memory you never have to translate the same text again. Simply reuse your exiting translatins over and over again.

By using the translation memory you not only save time but also increase the consistency of your translations.

locize history


Keep track over all changes done to your project's translations. The last translation changes are audited per key.

Need to provide those information - who did when change which segment? We get you covered.

Easy integration for your operating tools

There is an integration option for all tools. Start to reduce manual processes and everyday tasks with easy integration of locize for busy people. We are your cost-effective translation management platform and help move your software automation to a new level. This includes JavaScript-localization for apps built with React, Angular and Vue but not limited to this only.

i18next frameworks
localization pricing

Pay only for what you use

A heavy save in cost for localization management with a varying pricing. Save up to 40% of translation cost compared to traditional services with fixed prices. Check out our pricing details for more information. There are also more software-localization-tools available on the locize platform for free usage.

Customer Testimonials

Hear what our customers have to say!


locize is a great tool for us to localise our hotel software solution into multiple languages for both users and their guests. We chose locize because of their flexible pricing structure that is based on usage instead of a large monthly fee.

We already have some great early results and now our users can translate themselves into their local language!

Evan Davies, CEO of The Booking Factory
The Booking Factory

“Locize promises a Continuous Localization Lifecycle and delivers it with a bang.”

Using locize, we have been able to translate over 40,000 key/value pairs for a significantly large application within a matter of days. It cannot get better than this.

Read the full success story.

Anup Marwadi, CEO
Hypertrends Global Inc

We're using locize for several projects, which offers different services for our international partners in the whole world.

Thanks to locize our localization workflow is faster, more efficient and modern.

Davide Mora, Digital Product Owner & Project Leader

Get translated today. Effortless & riskfree.

Got a small landing page or a big web application - locize gets you there!

locize project overview

Flexible Integration

Choose between flexible integration options meeting your needs. From integration to wordpress or to your app built with react.js, angular, vue, ...

From our one liner script enabling localization even for non developers to instrumenting your code using i18next, formatjs, polyglot, ...

Profit from our experience. We will help you to decide for the best solution.

Risk free

In contrast to other solutions out there we built ours on most popular open source frameworks.

If you ever plan to stop using locize your translations could be used by i18next, formatjs or polyglot. Nothing lost. Zero risk.

We believe in the value of our product. No need to make you dependent by being incompatible with standards.

Project progress

We provide you with all analytics information needed to keep control over your localization progress!

Always keep the overview and keep up translating your website just in time.

Never fall behind in translating your project. Stop being the bottleneck in your agile prozess.

Variable pricing

Pay for what you use. There are no intransparent plans forcing you to pay for stuff you do not need.

Costs are based on your usage. Learn more using our price calculator.

Find a detailed billing forecast and history on your project.

What is the software localization process?

Software-localization is the process of transforming the language of a web app, game or any web content to the end user's locale. A translation management platform helps tech companies and developers to increase the confidence for new potential customers, as localized products are best for local markets. The primary benefit of locize is to simplify the core process of localization with a very easy to use translation management platform. Starting with just one piece of code the translations can be managed with an easy interface and can be deloyed separately with no delays.


What can our localization platform do?

You and your team can manage the following types on our localization platform. We help you start your language localization on all apps, games and any other type of software. A localization-management-tool will improve the quality of your process management by store all your files in one place during the development.



Use our tool for web applications of any kind. This can be frontend (like React.js, Angular, Vue.js, ...), backend, landingpage or blogs - choose your fit.


Mobile App

Take your mobile app to next level. Manage your mobile platform language easily and eliminate unnecessary communication in your team.


Video game

Automate your game translation management with locize and let your team save a lot of time during development process.



We helped platforms to include multiple languages into their software solutions, that they can provide a more advanced service for their users and suppliers.


Website builders

We have built a custom script for Website Builders where flexible translation options are available. This can be used with Wordpress, Shopify and other Website Builders.


Any software

Thanks to our API and our CLI, locize can be integrated by any type of software.

By using our CLI sync command for example, you can keep your existing code setup and synchronize the translations with locize.
An example on how this could look like can be seen in this tutorial.

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