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Localization as a Service using Locize

So you manage Localizations in Word? Excel? JSON? XML? Notepad? Believe it or not, we’ve tried it all.

Anup Marwadi,

How we translated the Avocode website written in Next.js with the i18next package

How to translate a website that is always changing?

Matouš Roskovec,

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Locize has become a critical part of our localization workflow.

The tool has made translating our applications incredibly easy, and their customer support has been stellar.

Eddie Yoo, Senior Product Manager
fubo tv

Locize is a godsend for us, we have been manually dealing with translations for years and it requires a great deal of developer involvement, now we let our people translate without needing us.


Zach Curtis, CTO

At Logiscool, we teach kids programming in more than ten countries. While the universal language of programming is English, managing our website translations for a growing number of languages quickly became a challenge.

Using i18next as our international framework enables us to use the same technology around our whole software stack, regardless the actual backend or framework we use. Locize is the icing on the cake – it made translation management unspeakably easier.

We love the editor support for in-text HTML tags and there’s finally someone who’s prepared to handle plurals by the book. Locize also helps us staying in touch with our growing number of translators at a daily basis, while the Locize API enables us to safely integrate with our build systems. Thank you!

Miklós Fülöp, CTO

We use locize to translate our product KE-chain. KE-chain is a cloud-based software product used for digital registrations in the construction and infra industry and now available in multiple languages.

We integrated locize within a day using the React i18n packages available. It was a frictionless experience integrating it and a frictionless experience adding the translations. It is ideal for a team that want to stay agile without imposing a forced translation flow.

The cost structure suited our use better than alternative solutions. We like using the translation hints by services such as Google, to help us to get 'something' quick which may be altered later by a native speaker.

Jochem Berends, Technical Director

It's a really outstanding service due to the following points.

  • The fact that management of several languages can be corrected quickly through the operation of cross border commerce sites
  • The fact that in addition to words, the URL and images can be managed too
  • The fact that even those who are not engineers can operate it easily

We use locize not only for word but also for URL and image’s URL. We have separated help pages for en, ja, zh, zh-TW. i18next automatically switched the link to appropriated lang help’s page. Also we have separated images which contain en, ja, zh, zh-TW characters.


Locize enables Wuxus to roll out our digital infrastructure for the transportation industry, on a global scale, with ease.

Great tool, easy to implement, easy to use, great service and support. Asked for a feature - available the next day.

Lars Bryrup, Head of Tech$

'With we could speed up our whole translation process by more than 50%!'

Christian Schab, Founder
ShopRepublic GmbH

Locize has enabled Withlocals to localise effectively our website in several languages. Given that Withlocals is all about personal experiences & authenticity, being able to take over the delicate task of translating our platform’s content made Locize a valuable partner for us.

Thanks to this collaboration we have been able to focus fully on the development of our product, and at the same time provide our translators worldwide with a user-friendly tool.

Bartosz Kuzmicki, CTO

We utilize locize for several projects in the publishing industry. The team of locize made it a no brainer to shift over from a premature self-hosted localization tool to their SaaS.

In the rare case that features were missing, they have been implemented in no time. The support and feedback is great and the tool is easy to use.

We have many on premise installations without access to the internet (thus not using locizes cdn feature), it should be mentioned that integrating locize into our build and release workflow (gulp, gitlab ci) has been a breeze. I’d definitely recommend using it.

Robert Krüger, Co-owner
atroo GbR

“Locize promises a Continuous Localization Lifecycle and delivers it with a bang.”

Using Locize, we have been able to translate over 40,000 key/value pairs for a significantly large application within a matter of days. It cannot get better than this.

Read the full success story.

Anup Marwadi, CEO
Hypertrends Global Inc

Locize is a great service that helps speed up development time by allowing our engineers to focus on building features instead of managing and maintaining translation tools.

They provided fantastic customer support that was very quick to respond and help us with any questions we had.

Dylan Seago, Lead Developer

We develop bespoke software and many of our clients are international.

Locize has enabled us to develop software for clients whose native language is not English, and allow them to translate the software at their own pace.

James Hadley, Managing Director
Coherent Software

Locize has enabled us to roll out scalable multi-language support to our client-facing online booking interfaces.

Integrating the Locize API and CLI into our build process allows our product team to add new languages and modify translations on the fly without requiring any code changes.

Greg Dickson, Senior Developer

Locize is a great tool for us to localise our hotel software solution into multiple languages for both users and their guests. We chose Locize because of their flexible pricing structure that is based on usage instead of a large monthly fee.

We already have some great early results and now our users can translate themselves into their local language!

Evan Davies, CEO of The Booking Factory
The Booking Factory

Having a platform that makes it easy to localize your website is great, but also integrating the translation in real time to your website is just amazing.

I have been using Locize and it made it easier to connect with translators and get the job done. I would recommend to anyone looking for the same.

Pierre Ortega, Lead Developer

Locize is an awesome way to localize your website.

It makes translating your existing content as easy as it could possibly get and the integration takes just one line of code.

Alexander Bayerl, Student

Locize took all the technical efforts related to localizing our frontend off from our shoulders with just a few lines of configuration.

Replaced our old complex toolchain with just few API calls providing a user-friendly solution for translators at once.

Rafał Wrzeszcz, Owner

Using locize and its tools (i18next) saves us a LOT of time by not thinking about the texts and focusing on development only. It's then easy and fast to input all the translations on locize admin UI.

Thanks locize Team!

Huafu Gandon, Co-founder
Fidéli SAS

Thanks for you service and for your support.

I strongly believe you guys have the best package on the market, and I’m happy to get our company to use your full offered experience.

Yaroslaff Fedin, Frontend Engineer

"With Locize, we have been able to simplify our localization process and bring our app to a global audience.""

Abel Chalier, CTO

"I find your project great and brilliant. Basically, what I like is the money we save by using your system instead of asking our developers to change our international labels.The tool is simple, the team is happy and we think about storing all our labels and edzo pre-determined sentences on your platform."

Thibault Montoya, CEO

Maintaining multiple languages is one of the technical challenges of building a platform for global users. Locize has been integrating very well into our CI workflow for a few months and makes this complex process painless.

François Falala-Sechet, CTO

By using locize we were able to translate our platform easily and without great effort, which is essential for a startup like us. To emphasize is that every team member is now able to change labels quickly.

Swiss Energy Planning is a cloud based and integrated software solution. The platform allows our customers to plan and monitor the energy transition throughout Switzerland at any location. Decision making becomes digital, collaborative and simple on the basis of comprehensive data on property level and business intelligence.

David Suter, Founder

At retraced we offer a blockchain-based, end-consumer focused, supply chain transparency platform for fashion brands, enabling them to communicate the stories behind their products.

We utilise locize throughout our infrastructure in two mobile applications, one web-app dashboard and a microservice for e-mail and communication handling. Locize is a very reliable service and scales beautifully with the business.

Peter Merkert, Co-Founder and CTO
retraced GmbH

Locize is an essential part of our ability to localise our platform for our users in over 110 different countries.

Their service has made it easy for our business to deliver high quality translations to our customers in 11 different languages.

Steven Bladeni, Chief Operating Officer
Sports Performance Tracking

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