locize - brings your team together

For project managers, tech leads, translators and developers.

Leverage the power of locize for every team role. It optimizes the way development and translation teams collaborate.

As tech team leader / engineering manager you will have one less thing to worry actively about.
It makes engineering teams faster, more efficient and saves money overall. Check out what locize is able to offer you.
Try the free trial, set up your locize project, compare it with your existing process and validate it with your team members.

For Project / Translation Managers

Being supportive - while tracking performance.

locize dashboard

Keep the overview

Track project progress from your dashboard. All your projects including versions in one place.

Drill down to get more information about each individual project, language, file.

Never miss an untranslated segment again independent the numbers of projects you have to lead.

Powerful statistics

Get insights for different metrics like modifications done, number of words per language, downloads done, special metrics for developers, etc.

See how your project and success grow over time.

locize statistics
locize history


Who, when? We can't tell you why but at least who did a change to your translations.

Be able to reply to those questions.

Order translations

While you can let your translation done by freelancers or inhouse employees using locize itself you also got the options to directly order translations from inside locize.

Currently you can order directly from TextMaster or BLEND.

locize ordering
locize notification

Keep your team up to date

Keep your team up to date by enabling our notification integration with slack.

Get notified when something noteworthy happens to your localization project.

For Translators

Being more efficient using locize.

locize dashboard

Smart translation memory

All the benefits of a translation memory. Reuse translations already done. Lookup used terminology.

Take your translation memory with you exporting it to be used in SDL Trados or other localization tools.

Incontext Editing

Translate directly in your Website / Application. Every translation is a click away.

Translating from within your context is the best way to understand the context of your translation.

locize statistics
locize review

Powerful review workflow

You can enable the review workflow for specific languages.

This way each time someone changes a translation, it will start a review workflow. The actual value will not be changed until someone will accept one of the translation proposals.

Machine translations

Machine translations can't replace human translations but can help you speeding up translations.

Use the machine translations for initial translation and edit the suggested translations to match the needed quality.

locize ordering

For Developers

Less time needed for localization - means more time for coding

locize api

Powerful API

Build any integration against our API.

Add new translations, add new versions and publish them to our CDN using a simple API call.

CLI Tool

Integrate our cli tool into your build process.

Download translation files in any format provided by locize using your commandline.

Synchronize your translations with locize without having to change your code.

locize commandline
locize code

Add new segments from code

No need to add segments manually. Never leave your editor again to add translations.

Using eg. i18next instrumenting your code for internationalization new segments get added to your locize project automatically.


Versioning is essential in development.

Same goes for your translations. Keep multiple versions of your translations. Keep working on latest while your production translations stay untouched.

locize versioning

Need some help getting started?

Get any questions you may have about integrating locize answered by one of our team members.

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