Pricing of locize

No plans - no paywalls - no catch

No fix price plans - all our costs are variable and based on your real usage.

Scales with you
Starting price
$5(billed monthly)
14d free trial:
  • 14 days of free usage (the trial ends after 14 days or as soon as you subscribe)
  • No credit card needed! No obligations!
All features included:

Are you working on an open source project?
We love the open-source philosophy and we may be able to support you.

How are costs calculated?

Costs are calculated based on these metrics:


For each word in your project, excluding versions. The cost for the number of words is recurring every month. The charge for words reflect costs for storage and network usage.


Every modification done via editor (added, updated, deleted, copy) manually or via file import or API gets counted (excluding save missings, translation orders and overwriting versions). This cost reflects the usage of locize and enables us to charge less in times you use locize less.


Download of translations from our CDN to your users get accounted. This costs are only charged if you directly use the translations served from our CDN.

Private Downloads

Regular downloads are public. So those translations would be visible to public even during development. To avoid leaking confidential informations during development (eg. new features) you can use private publish options which only enables downloads using an API key - so the translations are not publicly accessible.
Private downloads occur when using the "Fetch private namespace resources" endpoint or the "Fetch/filter the (unpublished) namespace resources" endpoint.

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Prices are graduated:

Words per word
first 10000: $0.004
next 20000: $0.003
next 20000: $0.002
next 200000: $0.001
more: $0.0005
Modifications per modification
first 1000: $0.02
next 2000: $0.015
next 2000: $0.01
next 20000: $0.005
more: $0.003
Downloads per download
first 500000: $0.0001
next 1000000: $0.000075
more: $0.00005
Private Downloads per private download
first 500000: $0.001
next 1000000: $0.00075
more: $0.0005

On your projects billing page you will always keep the overview of your costs. A calculation example can be found here.

You also have the possibility to pay with the following currencies:
AUD: $1.6 (USD $1)
CAD: $1.4 (USD $1)
CHF: SFr.1 (USD $1)
CNY: ¥7.3 (USD $1)
EUR: €1 (USD $1)
GBP: £0.9 (USD $1)
JPY: ¥160 (USD $1)

How much is locize worth?

By using locize, you save yourself a lot of additional costs.

Here are some suggestions as to how locize might affect you:

  • Remove the pain in the translation process.
  • No more delays in shipping your software because of missing translations.
  • Translators can keep up with changes from day one.
  • Fix or update translations without the need to disturb your developers.
  • Less coordination effort between developers and translators.
  • The continuous localization process keeps up with your demanding business.
  • You may need less dedicated persons responsible for the localization.
  • You're team members and processes are faster, more efficient and saves you money overall.
  • Benefit from new time savings.
  • etc...

Think about it... How many costs could you save thanks to locize? And how much more sales could you generate?

Why no fixed plans?

While fixed plans are more common - variable prices are fair.

cost comparison

There are no permanent big raises of costs which were introduced by having to switch to a bigger plan because your plan reached a limit or because you needed some feature that was locked behind a paywall.

What does this mean for you?

  • Never being forced to be auto upgraded from a $49 to a $199 plan just because you cross a limit (words, pageviews, languages, users) just marginally (your real usage would be around $50 - but the plan forces you to use the "large plan" starting at $199).
  • Never pay a bigger plan just because of that one feature you need most but was not included in your current plan
  • Costs are based on your projects size and success
  • Costs adapt to your usage: having months with less modifications (usage of locize app) you pay less
  • Costs grow slower the bigger your project gets
  • No limit on users
  • No limit on languages
  • All the features - no paywalls
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What costs do we have to expect?

See what our customers pay...

cost distribution

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