For Traditionalists

Use locize like your traditional desktop based translation tool (just better).

locize editor

Manual Import / Export

Use locize by importing and exporting the translation files.

Take advantage from the smart translation memory and machine translations.

Learn more about the supported formats.

For Automators

Automating parts of the process.

Powerful API / Sync tool / GitHub Action

You can control your localization project by using our full fledged API.

Want to sync with your local code repository or during build time. All possible using our Sync tool.

Or automatically download your translations in your CI/CD pipeline with our GitHub Action.

locize cli

For Innovators

Being more efficient using locize.

locize incontext

The next level of localization

Directly connect your project with locize.

  • Automatically get new untranslated segments sent to locize.
  • Directly consume translations from our CDN.
  • Directly translate in the context of you web application.

See the full power in this video sample for react.js. Learn more about the integration options using i18next or other i18n frameworks below.

There is an integration option for everyone

Locize offers a big variety of integrations options.

Zero effort - drop one line of code.
Where to use:
  • Optimal for websites
  • Suitable for non developers, too
  • Minimal overhead to instrument your code
  • Flexible translations options like, plurals, interpolation, url fragments
  • Based on our virtualdom implementation on top of i18next
  • Optimal for Wordpress, Shopify and other site generators
Best translation management for i18next.
i18next frameworks
Where to use:
  • Suitable for all UI Frameworks, React, Angular, Vue, jQuery, Next.js, backbone, ember, ...
  • Minimal programming skills required
  • Flexible translations options like, plurals, interpolation, context, ...
  • Based on open source i18n framework i18next
  • Usable on web, mobile and desktop and server
other options
File based solution.
Where to use:
  • Using with frameworks like react-intl, vue-i18n, svelte-i18n, i18n.js, angular-i18n, jquery-i18n, ...
  • We provide you with a script to simplify loading translations to your javascript client,...
  • Optimal for solutions based on formats like xliff, mo, po, android xml, ...
  • Using our API, CLI or GitHub Action you can build anything you could think of

Continuous Localization Lifecycle

Our goal is to provide you with a complete set of features to enable a continuous localization process.

Save missing: Automatical adding of new text content

For both locizify and i18next you can enable the save missing feature. Once enabled new content will automatically added to your localization project.

locize CDN : Publishing translation

If not turned off, translations will automatically be published to our CDN. No need to download translations or to redeploy your app for changes to take effect.

API / CLI client / GitHub Action

Use our API, CLI client or GitHub Action to automate your process - if you prefer not depending on our CDN.
By using the CLI, you can synchronize your translations with locize without having to change your code.


Like on your repository you can add multiple versions to your project at no extra cost - work on latest while developing and pull the latest translations to your production version when ready to deploy a new version of your application.

Automatic Machine Translation

With this option, all newly created keys in the reference language are automatically translated into the target languages using machine translation, like Google Translate.

Need some help getting started?

Get any questions you may have about integrating locize answered by one of our team members.

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