Why does app localization matter for growth?

Today you're going to learn what app localization is and how to use it to greatly simplify your app's content management. Table of contents What is mobile app localization? Make your app scal

Google Translate: Accuracy & Alternatives

Google Translate is one of the most widely used machine translation services in the world, with over 100 million active users relying on it for their translation needs. Despite its popularity, the ac

What is Software Localization? (2023 Update)

We live in a truly digital world, and technology has transformed the way almost every business and organization now operates. However, if you have ever tried to set up a new device or program that c

Localization at Networkme (by Marcelo Manteigas)

Networkme is a career discovery and development platform that helps students find the best job for them to start their careers. We are often recognized as the “Linkedin for students” because we provi