Additional services provided by locize

Extend your locize experience with those additional services.

locize - translation memory
The smart translation memory.

The smart translation memory provides you with suggestions of already translated segments and helps you to save time and keeping your translations consistent.

 1) The translation memory consumes the published files of a project which will be cleared as regular download ($0.0001 per download).
locize - history
Track all changes to your translations.

History enables you to track the last changes done to your translations. It empowers you to prove anytime when a content fragment was changed.

locize - review workflow
Start a review workflow when your translations changes.

You can enable the review workflow for specific languages.

This way each time someone changes a translation, it will start a review workflow. The actual value will not be changed until someone will accept one of the translation proposals.

locize - crowdbased
The secure way to translate your project.

With the service "locize crowdbased" you can create a new project on locize containing the untranslated strings per language and share them with the translators.

- No need to grant access to your main project
- The created projects are connected with your main project - import the translations back with one click
- Invite translators to those projects sharing one invitation link

 1) The additional projects for your translators are free - the only costs are based on the modifications done on the import back.
Keep your team notified.

Enable the slack integration and choose on of your slack channels to get notified when something noteworthy happens in your localization project.

locize - auto machine translation
Automate translation work (the smart way)

The machine translation feature enables every new content to get automatically translated into all other defined target languages (like Google Translate).

There's also the possibility to have an high focused developer experience, with the help of the auto-machinetranslation workflow and the use of the save missing keys functionality, new keys not only gets added to locize automatically, while developing the app, but are also automatically translated into the target languages using machine translation (like Google Translate).

 1) Each automatically machine translated key counts as normal modification.

Translation partners

Directly order translations from our partners.

Direct contact, no middleman – just collaborating localistars!
Pricing on request

localistars is the go-to marketplace for clients and translators to get translation jobs done.

You're in direct contact with the translator – it's your project, you hold the reins. In contrast to other services we don't set the price and forward the contract to the cheapest translator to maximize our own profit. You choose the translator for your projects yourself, it's your contractor.

Your Professional SaaS Translation Service
$0.066 - $0.132 per word

TextMaster’s translation services are ideal for a variety of projects: simple web content, high volume product catalogs or complex documents...

Offers general translation services as well as more specialized translation, including financial, technical, and legal.

onehour translation
Like Having Your Own Translator On Staff
$0.079 - $0.139 per word

One Hour Translation provides professional, fast and affordable human translation services, available 24/7.

Translation agencies

Work in locize with our partners.

101 translations
Highly qualified professionals
Pricing on request

We have been localizing apps and web content into any language in the world since 2002.

We take a human approach to translation with highly qualified professionals actually understanding your content before translating it, and extensive testing protocols to ensure your translated content reads and works as well as the original.

 Get a quote by directly sending a mail with exported namespaces to 101translations.

Use the import feature of locize to import the finished translations back.
Translations done right the first time
$0.21 per word

We are a team of 150+ native translators and professional localization experts. Big and small developers come to us when they can't afford any mistakes. We don't outsource; we don't promise anything we can't deliver. There is only one price and one level of quality — expert. We even help correct your English!

 Upload your exported namespaces for a personalized quote using the Learn More button
High quality translations and lower costs.
pricing on request

Acclaro is a localization and translation company that helps the world’s leading brands succeed across cultures.

Through a fine-tuned process, top industry talent and leading technologies, we make a long-term investment in our clients’ global reputations.

Working in over 100 languages and with offices around the globe, Acclaro specializes in helping clients open new markets and gain a competitive edge by expertly adapting their brands, products and services with faster turnaround times, high quality translations and lower costs.

 You can request a quote here.
$0.044 - $0.181

Mars Translation is a professional language service platform with 17 years of experience in providing localization services & solutions for software apps, games and other industries.

We execute translation and localization of projects while keeping quality, turnaround time and affordability in check & performing robust quality assurance for these projects. Backed by a team of localization experts, we make sure you localize into your target markets without losing your message in translation.

 You can request a quote by filling the Mars Translation quotation form here.

 You can also use the free consultation feature to talk to our localization expert.
Localization has never been easier
pricing on request

Alconost is a Multi-Language Localization Vendor with an impressive 14-year track record of helping companies take their products to the global market by localizing applications, games, websites, and virtually any other content into 70+ languages.

pricing on request

At Leemeta we offer turnkey translations™ through our own in-house team.

We guarantee #mistakefree translations to our clients and promise the following:

- No hidden costs or unpleasant surprises

- No delays and always on time

- We are specialized for your line of business

Our goal with every project is to provide our clients with an expert translation, complete with all graphical and technical aspects, requiring no additional effort on the client's part. We advocate a tailored professional approach, supported by the most advanced technology.

Our motto is »Challenges, not obstacles« - a perfect reflection of the way we think and act at Leemeta.
Professional B2B Translation and Localization Services
pricing on request

AD VERBUM is an ISO-certified professional B2B company that employs Human-driven Translation and Localization Services for Clients across the globe.

Established in 2002 and having experience that spans nearly two decades, AD VERBUM operates with 120+ language combinations, using standardized processes to ensure High-Quality, custom-tailored, transparent, and fairly-priced translation and localization solutions to meet Your specific linguistic demands.

 Please request your Free Quote.
Professional Translation Services
$0.18 - $0.27 per word

Orange Translations provides professional translation services in 50+ languages specializing in website translation / localization.

A lot of our work involves TYPO3 and WordPress websites. Our translators specialize in fields such as technical marketing, food & beverage and consumer electronics, plus a range of other industries. Our aim is to assign translators to your projects who are perfectly qualified and familiar with your industry.

For any projects in locize feel free to send us your exported namespaces and we’ll prepare a free quote for you promptly. Simply use our quotation form  or email us at [email protected] 

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!
Modern translation platform powered by AI
pricing on request

We help companies translate and localize their content faster and more efficiently. TAIA is your one-stop translation platform, powered by advanced automation and AI.

Just drag and drop your files to start, then order, manage and download your translation projects, all in one tool. Outsource to professional translators at any time or even translate yourself in our cloud infrastracture.

Sign up now at and get an instant price estimate free.
Get your quick translation or localization quote now
pricing on request

applingua enables tech companies to reach a global audience by providing native human translations. There is a dedicated team on hand to support and work with you and your team, delivering translation, review and testing in all major and minor world languages.

Feel free to contact us for a quote or more information at
 or email us directly at [email protected].
Professional translation services.
pricing on request

Tomedes is a professional language service provider, specializing in translation, transcription, interpretation, localization, and editing, supporting more than 100 languages and 1000 language pairs.

Tomedes comprises a network of thousands of linguists with domain translation and editing expertise in technology, science, medicine, law, finance and diverse industries. Tomedes also specializes in software and game localization as well as localizing web sites.

 or email us at [email protected].

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