Software localization service

You look for a service that will save time for the localization of your software? Then locize is for you! Using our localization-software, you'll never have to copy and paste a translation from point A to point B again.

You can keep your development and translation processes distinct using locize. Continue to translate when your project's development team adds new features. Throughout the translation, locize keeps everything together.

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software localization service

The world's fairest software localization service

Pay only for what you use, with our service (made in Switzerland) you can save money during the localization and growth of your company.

Trusted by many international brands

Read from our customers who have used the service to take their software to the next level.

We're using locize for several projects, which offers different services for our international partners in the whole world.

Thanks to locize our localization workflow is faster, more efficient and modern.

Davide Mora, Digital Product Owner & Project Leader

Having a platform that makes it easy to localize your website is great, but also integrating the translation in real time to your website is just amazing.

I have been using locize and it made it easier to connect with translators and get the job done. I would recommend to anyone looking for the same.

Pierre Ortega, Lead Developer

“locize promises a Continuous Localization Lifecycle and delivers it with a bang.”

Using locize, we have been able to translate over 40,000 key/value pairs for a significantly large application within a matter of days. It cannot get better than this.

Read the full success story.

Anup Marwadi, CEO
Hypertrends Global Inc

What is software localization?

The process of tailoring a software product to the linguistic, cultural, and technical needs of a target market is known as software localization. This is a time-consuming process that not only takes a lot of time from the development team.

Learn more about this topic and continue reading on "what software localization is" in our blog post.

What is the software localization process?

The process of translating the language of a web app, game, or other web content to the end user's locality is known as software localization. Because localized products are better for local markets, a translation management platform assists tech organizations and developers in increasing the confidence of new prospective consumers.

The key advantage of our software localization service is that it simplifies the basic process of localization by providing an easy-to-use translation procedure. Starting with a single line of code, translations may be controlled using a simple interface and deployed independently with no delays.


The USPs of locize

fair pricing

Flexible and fair pricing

No fix monthly fee.

You only pay for what you will need.

integrate into any software

Easy to integrate into almost any software

locize can be readily integrated into practically any software with a few lines of code or by using our CLI.

no limits

No limits

No matter what size of business you have, locize is growing with you.

Real time updates

Real time updates

Because all data is delivered in real-time, any contextual checks may be performed accordingly.


Fast and individual support

The locize team responds quickly and is here to help.


Easy-to-understand user interface

locize is a fast and easy-to-understand software, hosted in the cloud and accessible from anywhere.


Speed up the translation process

Sections of your software can be handled and translated easily. And for each language you get a clear overview.

We provide the parts you need for your project

To localize a software project, numerous procedures must be taken. First and foremost, you should select a framework for instrumentalizing your code. We propose to make use of a good i18n framework like i18next. If you've completed this stage, you should think about the translation process.

Who is responsible for translating the content? localistars can assist you in finding the best translator for your needs and allowing you to choose which one is suitable for your project on your own. Finally, you can effortlessly manage translations through our translation management user interface locize.

Turn your translation process into a professional one, right now!

You can effortlessly manage your translations with locize, regardless of your software code. You can keep track of content and code separately in this way. This method of dealing with the localization will make things a lot easier. Future software updates can also be delivered quickly.

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Advantages of using locize

Project becomes fixed

Your localization is much easier to plan with locize. You should be able to build trust with your new audience if you enter new markets. Your planning is supported in areas where you can avoid manual work.


Ship updates faster

Translation can occur concurrently with development. Separate translation files will save your project managers time and effort. Software updates can be distributed immediately. As a result, a continuous localization process occurs.

Free up developers

The developers will spend far less time translating. They keep putting off deploying manual translation files. They only have to do a code implementation once, and then they're free to focus on development and testing. Rather than responding to the translators' requests.


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