Website localization service

It is simple to create, launch, and update multilingual websites using our localization software. With the internationalization of their website, we were able to help many clients enter new markets and grow their businesses.

Websites are the first point of contact for potential customers, so website localization is an essential part of your company's global expansion strategy.

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website localization service

What is website localization

Website localization, in its most basic form, is the act of enhancing website content through language and flow in order to deliver the most beneficial and relevant experience for online-visitors. One of the key objectives is to keep the content's original intent. It should be the same as it was when the language was first created.

Most people associate "localization" with "translation," but true website localization entails considerably more than merely displaying text in a new language. Continue reading to discover how to think about website localization—and how to put it into action in strong, real ways.

Learn more detailed about this topic, then continue reading our blog post about website localization

Benefits of using this service


Easy to integrate into your website

With a few lines of code, the software can be easily integrated into almost any frontend.

flexible pricing

No fix monthly subscription

The pricing is based on usage instead of a large monthly fee. You only pay more if you use more.

Scales with your business

Scales with your business

Locize is also for bigger projects as it scales with the size of your business.

Translators can work in real time

Translates in your website in real time

The translator can verify the translations in real time and check if it's contextually correct.


Fast and individual support

The locize team responds quickly and get things done upon request.


Many built-in features

Use different namespaces, tag your segments, save time with translation memory and a lot more.


User-Friendly interface design

Locize is a fast and easy-to-understand software, hosted in the cloud.


Speed up translation process

Content can be managed and translated easily. Great overview of the languages for each project.

How to use our website localization services

The locize software is included as part of our service and aids in the management of your website's internationalization. To make the website multilingual and accessible to customers all around the world. It's very simple to start right now. Below video will give you an idea how to use locize for your needs.

This video will show you how to get started using locize. How to upload text that has to be translated, as well as how to integrate locize into your website code Furthermore, we demonstrate how to use the auto-machine-translation functionality, which allows all new content to be automatically translated into all other defined target languages.

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Case Studies

The customer satisfaction reflects our reputation for providing high-quality translation and localization services.


Having a platform that makes it easy to localize your website is great, but also integrating the translation in real time to your website is just amazing.

I have been using locize and it made it easier to connect with translators and get the job done. I would recommend to anyone looking for the same.

Pierre Ortega, Lead Developer

Being a Swiss Startup, we had to launch our website in several languages at once.

We used i18next with React and were translating JSON files by hand, which was really cumbersome.

locize really changed everything for us because it allowed us to:

  • Let non-developers translate the website pages
  • Decouple the translation process from application deployments
  • Use Google translate straight from within the tool

Really recommended.

Joan Rodriguez, CEO

Frequently asked questions

How much does website localization cost?

To adequately answer this question, you must first determine who is translating and localizing your project. For instance, most agencies charge roughly $0.20 per word. On the other hand, hiring a freelancer for website translation can cost as little as $0.10 per word. But this is just translating words and no translation management at all.

So this is where a localization service comes in place; for the first 10,000 words, Locize charges roughly $0.004. So website localization involves more than just translating words; under pricing, you can get a thorough description of how our expenses will be determined. As you can see, using a service like locize is extremely beneficial in terms of saving time and money.

How is website localization done?

The process of adapting an existing website to the target market's local language and culture is known as website localization. It is the process of adapting a website to a different linguistic and cultural surroundings, which technically involves much more than simple text translation. Simply use our getting started documentation to see how easy to can start with locize.

To use our website-localization-service is as easy as this:

  • Register for free
  • Set up a new project
  • Implement few lines of code
  • Add new or existing language segments
  • Translate your content
  • Proceed with localization

How do I create a localization for my website?

If you plan to localize your website, then i18n is for you. I18n or internationalization is often performed only once, at the start of the software design and development process. Rather to hardcoding each particular language every time you wish to translate a specific piece of text, internationalization prepares your codebase to accept alternative settings dependent on your target languages. It substitutes code with key placeholders that, when translated, automatically retrieve each foreign language without requiring fundamental technical modifications. If you don't know which i18n library or framework you should use, have a look at i18next.

What kind of service locize is?

Locize is the software you should use to localize your website, app, game, whatever software, during the expansion or globalization of your company. Depending on your technology, locize can be easily implemented into your website (or software in general) with a few lines of code. You will then be able to manage the entire localization process within the software. With our real-time translation and localization-software, your website-content become more engaging and professional.

It's time to scale your website visitors with localization

Begin by attempting our showcase, which is generated on your freshly registered account, or create a new project and translate your application.

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