What's new in locize

what is new in locize

A lot of work may be virtual now, but that doesn’t mean we’ve slowed down! In fact, we spent the last months working on a new locize version with a bunch of fabulous updates. Here's a run-down of some of the most important tweaks that make a huge difference.

Modernized UI

First of all, you will notice locize looks different. The layout is a little less angular and a little more rounded. There are more icons and more charts. This makes it look friendlier, simpler, and tidier. overview

The layout is composed by different cards. Each card has optional additional functionality in the top right corder. card

Different parts

The application was rewritten from the ground up and now splits into two major parts.

Project pages

The project pages consists of details and actions about your versions, languages, namespaces, etc.

There's also an optional card about your orders and another card about your branched projects (crowdbased) orders branches

We moved everything related to the development to a dedicated page, containing development settings, api keys and relevant metrics. There's also the possibility to configure a webhook or integrate slack. dev

CAT pages

The other major part is the new computer aided translation tool – short CAT. The new CAT tool comes with three separate views, for:

Global overview

With global imports and exports, add, copy or delete keys, search and filter. cat-overview


Focus on translating, assisted by machine translation (MT), smart translation memory (TM), consistency checks, and more. translation

InContext editing

The InContext Editor just needs a little script (locize or locizify) added to your site, so it can exchange information (clicked text, saved changes, etc.). in context editor

Find more information in the documentation

New features

The new locize app does not only come with a new fresh look – but also brings you a ton of new awesome features, like the review workflow or the key history.


You can enable the review workflow for specific languages. set review

This way each time someone changes a translation, it will start a review workflow. The actual value will not be changed until someone will accept one of the translation proposals. review


The last translation changes are audited per key. history


To make it short – every aspect of the old experience was analyzed and improved to give you an even better experience.

The only thing we did not change was the price.

You get all the new features without any increase of costs.

If you got any questions, feedback or suggestions – we would love to hear from you at [email protected].